How to: Evening Eye Makeup Tutorial

Evening Eye

Gabby Zilberberg

I hate mornings. My goal is a simple one - sleep as long as possible. I have timed every step in my morning routine and know exactly how much time I need. A decision to start using a new product is based more on the time it will consume rather than the results it will yield. Sure a winged eye is awesome but who has that kind of time? I envy gals who get up early, sip a cup of coffee while browsing Instagram, do some yoga and then leisurely primp for the day. My morning routine looks more like the Amazing Race than it does Keeping up with the Kardashian’s.

Still, I love playing with makeup. After all I grew up in the 80s perfecting my rainbow eye shadow and teasing my hair to unnatural heights.

So my recent trip to Miami seemed like the perfect opportunity to have makeup artist Gabby Zilberberg show me how to create the perfect evening eye.

Here’s her process:

  • Start by priming the lid with an eye shadow primer.  Gabby likes the Urban Decay Primer Potion, or the NYX Eye Shadow Base. Pro Tip: If you have oily eyelids or find that your eye shadow moves or creases, wipe your eyelids with toner on a cotton pad before applying the primer.
  • Next set the primer with a translucent powder or skin tone shadow.
  • Start by using a neutral color and apply it to your upper lid as a blending color between your lid color and your brow bone.
  • Next, take a darker shadow in the color of your choice, taupe as an example, and apply it to your outer lid and upper crease, blending it with your first eye shadow. Bring this taupe color in towards the inner corner, until just past the center of your lid.
  • Take a deeper brown and apply it to the deepest part of your crease and the very outer edge, blending the two browns together.
  • Finally choose a lighter shimmer or glitter shade (can also choose matte if you are not a fan of glitter or shimmer) and apply it to the inner corner, bringing it out to the center of your pupil, overlapping and blending with the lighter brown shade. To add extra shimmer to this look use a highlighter in a similar shade to your glitter/shimmer shadow and apply just under the eyebrow and in the very inner corner of your eye.
  • Now that your shadow is complete, line your waterline with an eyeliner of your choice. You can go with black, brown, or add a pop of color. To take this look to the next level, add winged liner!
  • After you apply liner, take a small round brush and add the dark brown shadow just under your lower lash line and blend with the eyeliner.
  • Finish this look by curling your lashes and using your favorite mascara (Gabby is loving Clump Crusher by Covergirl).

Check out these before and after photos:

Thank you Gabby!