Peep Popcorn a.k.a. Peeps in the Hot Seat

Peep popcorn

With 1.5 billion peeps consumed each spring you no doubt have some lingering around your house (unless you’re one of those people who hate peeps, in which case we cannot be friends). One of my favorite ways to eat a peep, aside from biting off their little heads, is to make Peep Popcorn – or as I like to call it – Peeps in the Hot Seat.

It’s incredibly simple and fun to do with the kiddos. First pop a few cups of popcorn. I recommend an air popper or stove top but you can also use microwave popcorn, just be sure it's the non-buttery variety. Melt about 2 tsp of butter in a pan over medium heat and pop in the peeps. I use around 10 peeps for a couple of cups of popcorn but really it depends on how coated you want it. The key here is to keep stirring so they don’t burn AND it’s easiest if you have a silicone spatula. If you don’t, just spray some non-stick cooking spray on a wooden spoon and you should be all set. These suckers get really sticky. You are looking for the peeps to be completely melted and smooth.

Once totally melted, pour over your popcorn and mix it up. If you have some wax paper on hand I think that's easiest. Just spread the popcorn out on the wax paper and pour the melted peeps on top. I like to mush it around with my hands BUT be careful; those little shits are HOT at first.

Enjoy and Happy Easter!